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Phanerus' SMS API (Application Programming Interface) is there to help you connect quickly and easily to our core messaging platform, in order to integrate our text messaging or premium SMS billing with your own applications.

We offer a set of rich API's with which you can connect to our reliable, secure and robust SMS gateway and with our reputation for expertise along with a proven track record, we have the capacity and experience to handle high volumes of SMS. We have made available the right tools and support to help you get started for sending bulk SMS directly from your application or generate revenue using premium billed SMS.

To integrate your application to our mobile messaging or mobile billing platform you can choose from: HTTP API, SMPP API or SMTP API (email to SMS).

Our SMS Gateway API Features include

High volume scalable messaging infrastructure   Premium SMS billing  
Two-way messaging (shortcodes & long numbers)  
24x7 service monitoring   Access to delivery reporting   Scheduled messaging  
Concatenated , binary messaging and unicode

Getting started

Developers will get access to all they need to get started with start-up guides, code sample and libraries to achieve quick integration.

Our SMS API service is also accompanied by:

- Full API documentation
- Code samples and help libraries
- Technical support
- Service Level Agreement (SLA)

You can start sending and receiving messages.